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Accused of helping her husband escape from prison, Siti was detained and intimidated by BNN

Siti Farida family (photo: merdeka.com)

Raci, 50, wants justice for her two children, who have been held by National Narcotics Agency (BNN) officers regarding allegations that she believes to be false.

The BNN apprehended Raci’s 31-year-old daughter, Siti Farida Wulandari, for allegedly helping her husband, M. Husin — one of 10 prisoners that escaped the BNN detention center on March 31 — during his getaway.

Husin and two others were arrested by the BNN for possessing 25 kilograms of methamphetamine.

After arresting Farida, the agency also placed Raci’s other child, 30-year-old Bagus Yudha, in detention on April 10 on the same allegations.

“I never suspected that my son-in-law was dealing drugs. He sold groceries in Karawang [West Java]. He also just came back from Aceh four months ago,” Raci told journalists at Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta).

Yudha’s wife, Nur Ismaya, said on Monday that around a dozen officers arrested Farida and raided her rented house in Marunda, North Jakarta.

“Farida brought her 2-year-old son to me and asked me to take care of him while she was away. The boy was crying,” she said, adding that none of the officers explained the arrest nor produced a warrant.

The police eventually gave the warrant to Farida’s father, Junaedi, when he visited Farida a week after the arrest.

“The police then summoned Junaedi to be questioned about Husin’s getaway. However, due to his bad health, he could not make it. Then Yudha was summoned, but he never came home,” she said, adding Yudha’s family had never received any warrant for his arrest.

LBH Jakarta lawyer Romy Leo Rinaldo said on Monday that Farida had approached him in a legal counsel session at Pondok Bambu prison, East Jakarta, between the end of April and early May.

“Farida told us after the arrest that the police brought her to a hotel and asked her many times about her husband’s whereabouts while slapping her with sandals about six times. She told the truth — that Husin had come to their house, taken her jewelry, and fled,” he said.

Romy said that Farida was held at the hotel for two days and slept with her hand handcuffed to a policewoman who was guarding her.

BNN drug eradication unit head Insp. Gen. Deddy Fauzi Elhakim said on May 9 that Husin, together with Farida and Yudha, were arrested in Jombang, East Java, on April 4, according to kompas.com.

Romy said his office could not confirm the BNN statement. “Witnesses said Farida was taken from her house on April 5 and Yudha was arrested on April 10,” he said.

LBH Jakarta filed on Monday a pretrial motion at the East Jakarta District Court, challenging Farida and Yudha’s arrests and detention and demanding material and immaterial compensation. (thejakartapost.com)


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