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Forced evictions remain rampant in Jakarta: LBH Jakarta

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ilustrasi. foto: en.tempo.co
ilustrasi. foto: en.tempo.co

The Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) released a report on forced evictions on Thursday, revealing that the number in 2016 increased to 193, compared to 113 in 2015.

A LBH Jakarta public lawyer, who is also the report’s organizer, Alldo Fellix Januardy, said that even though there was a significant increase in the cases, the institute recorded the number of victims was decreasing.

According to the institute, there were 5,726 families who suffered evictions that also affected 5,379 business units. The numbers were a significant decrease from 8,145 families and 6,283 business units a year before.

“The number of victims has decreased because the evictions conducted last year were not in densely populated areas,” Alldo said.

He added that most of the evictions were conducted without proper discussions between the city administration and residents. Besides, he said there was still violence occurring during the evictions as police and military officers were involved.

About 37.8 percent of eviction cases last year involved Indonesian Military (TNI) officers, while police officers were involved in 41.9 percent of the cases. (Winda A. Charmila)

Source Link: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/04/13/forced-evictions-remain-rampant-in-jakarta-lbh-jakarta.html



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