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Greater Jakarta: Residents to take part in slum improvement

Ombudsman found maladministrations in Kampung Dadap Evictions (foto: Putera/Okezone)
Ombudsman Indonesia founds maladministrations in Kampung Dadap Evictions (photo: Putera/Okezone)

The Tangerang Council promised fishermen in Dadap, Tangerang, that they would be fully involved in a low-income area improvement program to develop their fishing village into Kampung Baru Dadap (New Dadap Kampung) during a meeting Wednesday.

The councillors have been deliberating a bylaw on slum prevention and improvement programs, and Dadap fishermen have urged the administration to follow the principles of the bylaw in upgrading their kampung.

“We come to follow up on the slum improvement plan, residents want to be involved in the bylaw deliberation,” a resident representative, Waisul Kurnia, said in a statement made available on Wednesday.

However, the councillors have asked the fishermen to entrust the deliberation process to them, while promising that Dadap residents will participate in the program.

The residents met with the Indonesian Ombudsman in July, at a meeting in which councillors, Tangerang administration officials, the Kosambi district head and Dadap subdistrict head were also present.

“Through the meeting we have confirmed the commitment of the Tangerang Council and administration agencies that we will form a working team consisting of administration officials and residents to ensure the full participation of residents in the improvement of their neighborhood,” said Citra Referandum, a public attorney from Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta), which is the residents’ legal representative.

Residents rejected an earlier concept proposed by the administration, which was to build an Islamic center in Dadap. They said they did not need an Islamic center.

“Let us decide on the new concept together, we want an increased focus on fishermen’s welfare that is in compliance with existing spatial planning regulations,” fisherman Waisul said.

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/09/16/greater-jakarta-residents-take-part-slum-improvement.html


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